soumitra dot net
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soumitra dot net is an attempt to recreate things that i want the way i want.

most of the site is under construction, so it will take some time to make it fully functional... (though that does not mean that it is not fully functional right now, i just mean fully functional the way i want it to be...)

as you know, the best laid plans of mice and men often take time to reach fruition.

about me
my name, as you might have guessed, is Soumitra.

the name has me associated with people living in West Bengal, and i believe it (the association, i mean...though the name too) will stay for the life of me... until they know better.

friends who know me well describe me as modest, and to defend that, it would be expected that i don't exude vanity here. but you could check the more @bout section if you're reaaaalllly curious. (you know what happened to the curious cat tho, don't you?) ppl have also called me an arrogant + a synonym for human appendage behind my back, or so i've been told. i'm none the wiser.

and it looks like i'm good at copy paste, which is what being a program writer is all about these days!


in my opinion the guy who invented copy paste has my most respect.

about the design
without any doubt, this design is AWESOME. it's also too cool to be entirely made by me.

i have no qualms saying i've stolen ideas i found good and contoured them to my tastes (read: made better) - a collage, if i may. i have kept the names of the original designers in the source. you can assume it's me if none is to be found. as you no doubt might have deduced by now, 'Good artists borrow; great artists steal'.

but all isn't well.

as with most things with life, my site is in a state of continuous flux. (critics at this juncture will point out that the site hasn't changed in years, but i will pardon their ignorance). as and when i find time, i shall work towards its improvement.

your ideas are welcome, though don't be disheartened if you don't see those changes (i mean like ever). i am hoping to add more content over time .

coming soon...
i am planning to have mini sites for different sections. blogs, photos, music ... let me know if you would like to see anything here. though right now, they are all going out of the site, sooner (rather than later) they should be self sufficient.

i am also planning to put in some real time guest book page but meanwhile, you can mail me from the main page ... (after substituting the [at] with @ and [dot] with . , but you knew that all along anyways)

(famous) last words
hope you like it ... feedback appreciated ... blah blah

well...that's about it..

have a nice day!!